Finite series

sterling silver, bronze

Excerpt from exhibition statement for Fluid Moments (2014): 

A moment is an instant in time; it is an infinitesimal and indefinite encounter with an object, a phenomenon, a situation, a being. These moments can be significant, life changing things or they can be experienced in brief encounters in a person’s everyday life. Moments are therefore, in essence, fluid; they are short-lived, transient connections made with objects which exist for only a few seconds.

Fluid Moments is an exhibition which explores seven emerging artists’ various approaches to the concept that there is a certain changeability and fluctuation in these ephemeral experiences and interactions. Their artworks become expressions and interpretations of these moments, bringing permanence to the ideas and encounters experienced by each person.

Emma Field investigates Dewey’s notion that an artist instinctively knows when the next line, shape or brushstroke continues and adds to the layers of an artwork or breaks and disrupts the flow. Using wax, which is then cast, she has used simple geometric shapes to explore the intuitive way that the mind connects ideas and thoughts whilst making.
— Words: Emma Field

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bronze, various sizes
These particular pieces are designed to be customized into brooches or necklaces, the wearer finishing the design and making it their own

Photography by Dylan Esguerra