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The untraditional Claddagh Ring

Sterling silver

The brief was simple: to create a claddagh ring, but to replace the heart and crown with a pineapple.

The ring was carved in wax and hand engraved and finished to add detail to the hands, leaves and body of the pineapple.

In the words of my client, "such a delicious piece."



The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish or celtic ring (whose origins are apparently lost to history) that symbolise love, friendship and loyalty. 


Photography by Emma Field

engagement Ring

Mitch & Marita

Oval Ceylon sapphire, pear diamonds, platinum

It was an absolute honour to create this ring for Mitch and Marita's engagement. The ring was designed collaboratively - the infinity at the back was the groom's special design request (which I love). The Ceylon sapphire and diamonds were sourced from Australian suppliers.

Design and photography by Emma Field

Star Necklace

Sterling silver


My favourite detail of this dainty necklace is the bar at the back which holds a special inscription from my client to his girlfriend.

Design and photography by Emma Field


Emma Field-2016-Rose Gold and Silver Bauble Ring.jpg

Sterling silver, 9k rose gold

A fun little ring for a client in Sydney. 

Tanzanite Ring

Emma Field-2016-Tanzanite and Rose Gold Ring

Tanzanite, 9k rose gold.


This stone was bought in Tanzania as a gift and I was tasked with creating a special ring to hold it. We decided to use 9k rose gold to highlight and provide a contrast to the beautiful blue-purple colour of the stone.

25th Wedding Anniversary

25th wedding anniversary gifts. 

For her:  Arrow  bracelet, sterling silver

 For him: Key chain, sterling silver

 Designs by Emma Field

Photography by Dylan Esguerra